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Aamaze Hall aka Maz Montana was born July 1, 1993 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The oldest of 2 kids, his mother Lashaun did her best to provide for him and his sister with help of his Grandmothers. Maz quickly fell into music at a young age, singing in multiple choirs and heavily bein influenced by his uncle who collected music. Through out his adolescence growing up in a poverty stricken neighborhood on the city's East side. Very early in his life Maze found an escape thru basketball, with the help of his elementary school teacher.  Maze played for multiple teams throughout the years up until high school where he was cut junior year due to grades and attendance. Not long after Maz would revisit his passion for music and stick with it. With no money and no ways of recording, Maze and his friend started building there own studio called “CrewGangNation". Putting out several mixtapes and creating a buzz for him self Maze quickly shifted towards music more and more. His first Mixtape “Dead Presidents“ Maz describes his life as a young black male growning up in the inner city and being exposed to a life of crime. While balancing being a father and full time artist Maz Montana is quickly becoming a house hold name. If you are interested in booking Maz Montana or any other KTP artist please navigate to "contact" at the top of this page. Follow Maze @mazmontana on all sites.

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