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Featuring Dreezy, Rich The Kid, Montana of 300 and more!


Tyrone Hunter was born in Gary Indiana. His father, Aaron Hunter was originally from California, and his mother Lasherry Winston was born and raised in Gary on a small farm. They eventually moved to Lafayette for new job opportunities but wouldn't stay for long. Innocent's family moved backed to Gary after his sister Lashawnta was born in Lafayette. He then gained a little brother Aaron and another little sister Tearrah while living in his torn down hometown. Finally, his family moved back to Lafayette where his youngest brother Cameron and baby sister Amya where born. Innocent grew up in a church where his father was an Ordained Bishop and the Minister of music. His mother was the choir director. All of the kids, including Innocent, would line up three times a day to practice church songs and bible scriptures. As Innocent got older he and his sister Lashawnta would start signing solos for the church. Feeling forced to sing Innocent found a way he would have to sing another note. In his preteen years, Innocent's older brother Aaron Jr. (Q), had moved to Indiana with Innocent's family from California. He quickly became someone Innocent looked up to and would play a big role in Innocent's life. Innocent would watch and study his big brother at church as he played the drums. Until he caught on himself then they could switch back and forth during services. Q also introduced his little brother to R&B and Hip Hop, which persuaded him in a slightly different direction than his parents wanted. Q was murdered in August 2015 in Lafayette. From 6th grade through high school Innocent used his talent to play instruments by ear in his school's band class and jazz band. Without having the funds to take classes, Innocent's name would bounce from director to director. His Freshman year Innocent met up with an old friend by the name of "Durty". He was part of a young rap group named"GIC" (Get It Crackin Ent), and convinced Innocent to come to a studio where he would meet "Chunky Town". Innocent's cousin Donta aka Dino (now KTP's Manager), ended up sticking around to keep an eye on his cousin and help promote Innocents music. Chunky was also close with Keelo and the KTP team at that time and a year or two later Chunky invited Innocent to record at the KTP studio. Innocent was always up for a challenge but shy and humble as well. Not knowing if the older guys would like what he had to offer, he went anyway and began working with KTP. Even though Innocent, Dirty, and Chunky were underage, being a part of GIC granted access to KTP shows with artists such as Crime mob, Twista, Dj Unk and much more. After about three years of hard work with GIC, his label mates Chunky and Durty, decided they weren't getting enough attention where they were and decided to team up with another local label that went the extra mile to hate on Keelo. Innocent saw no reason to switch labels and wanted to remain loyal to GIC/KTP so when they left, he stayed. Keelo saw the loyalty in Innocent and then made him an official KTP member. As many of the former KTP artists started to leave during rough times or were removed from the group for various reasons, Keelo and Innocent worked day and night to perfect their craft. Before the studio was moved to Indianapolis, the duo met Dre Domo and Eastside Flo. Keelo assigned Innocent to record their music and Keelo would finalize their work. After working countless hours with Domo, and tweaking the skills Keelo showed them, his sound began to grow on the team. He eventually became KTP as well and helped move the studio to Indianapolis. Now Innocent is working on his debut album featuring artists such as Dreezy, Montana of 300, Rich the Kid, and more. Follow Innocent on Instagram @mrinnocentktp for the latest KTP updates.

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